What We Do

What We Do

Our approach to Sport Psychology is based on modern evidence-based practice. We use a unique blend of educational and sport psychology theory, alongside the latest research in sport science. Our consulting philosophy involves a blend of Acceptance and Commitment Training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We maximize our backgrounds in coaching and teaching to relate to performers from all backgrounds and learning styles.

One Year Subscription

Being your best isn’t as easy as taking a pill or passing a test. It is a lifelong endeavor full of goals, milestones, victories and learning opportunities. We understand that this sort of commitment to self improvement takes discipline and support each and every day. We’re here to help you at every step of the way. With a subscription to the FlowSport program, you receive access to all of our training materials, our online course and direct access to our experts whenever you need them. Let us be there to help hone your focus and achieve not only your performance goals, but your also a sense of fulfillment and self worth.

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Individual Sessions

Working with the individual is where we as consultants are most effective. We can help you create the changes you desire so you can take your performance to the next level. But importantly we acknowledge that you aren’t just a “sportsperson” or a “performer” you’re a human being first and foremost, and we believe in understanding and acknowledging who you are as a person. Of course, our focus is on improving your performance, but we hope with our holistic approach you’ll lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life within and outside of your performance domain.

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Group Workshops

We have a lot of experience in working with sports teams, businesses and performers of all kinds. We can lead interactive group workshops, webinars, web conferences, team building sessions, and teach the FlowSport philosophy to any number of people. Contact us to see if we can arrange group training to suit your need.

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Online Course

This is a course which will give you the ability to improve your mental performance. We use evidence based methods to enable you to perform freely with poise and confidence. Both instructors are qualified in Sport Psychology, Education and Coaching. This is a great foundation for you if you are a performer, in Sport or in anything in life, because aren’t we all performers in one way or another?

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