What You Need to Know About Confidence

Three Facts You Should Know About Confidence

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Confidence is the best isn’t it? We all love the feeling of absolute belief in what we are about to do. When we work with clients at FlowSport the most common complaint we get from athletes and performers is that they have a lack of confidence. Sometimes it’s a general sense and sometimes it’s a small part of their role as a performer. Helping athletes with low confidence is big part of what we do.

Confidence does make performance all the more satisfying, comfortable and usually makes it more successful. The problem is, how do we get this magical feeling of confidence? And can we actually create it? Can anyone?

At FlowSport we are all about standing out from the self-help “quick-fix” crowd. The type of people who use techniques or interventions that have no scientific evidence. The people that promise you the world but don’t want to acknowledge that change actually takes time. These people rely on things like the placebo effect. They make people feel good and those people may experience some temporary improvement, but they will not experience lasting change.

These con-artists will probably try and trick you into thinking they can give you confidence by encouraging you to think a certain way. They might promise you that confidence can be gained from looking into your own mind and “treating” it with some sort of cure. I wish it was that simple…. We all do!

Unfortunately, these people out there telling you that it IS that easy! Please don’t believe them. Anything in life that is important and worthwhile TAKES TIME. It takes work and effort and there is no quick fix…..OK…..rant over….

To start you on your journey to gaining confidence you need to be aware of certain facts. Once you understand these you can begin the journey to improving your performance in whatever the situation…..But notice how we said that? Improving performance is the goal! The goal is not improving a “feeling” …feelings are fickle and change rapidly. Feelings are not permanent. Feelings shouldn’t have a place in our goals. We want to focus on what’s important, and that’s improving our performance! Confidence is just a pretty nice by-product to get along the way 😉 And it can happen and grow over time.

So here are our important facts about confidence:

1. Real, lasting confidence is not something someone can give you, YOU will have to take action. Don’t look to a coach, teacher, parent or friend for confidence, it can be a dangerous path. Relying on others for your confidence is relying on something not within your control. And don’t get me wrong, Encouragement from them is great! but if you’re giving the power over your confidence to someone else, then you’ll build an unhealthy reliance on other people.   

2. You CAN perform well without confidence. And there are examples of this all over the world, in all performance domains. The belief that you can’t is likely to be the thing that is causing a lot of the problem! Just think about the power you give to your feelings if you believe that: “I must to FEEL confident to perform well.”   

3. Confident feelings come AFTER the purposeful action (towards your goal) – not before. You gain confidence by doing. You don’t gain real confidence by concentrating on creating a feeling of confidence. Actions create confidence. Nothing else will increase your true confidence as much as taking positive steps towards your performance goal.

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